Monday, March 22, 2010

Feel that? The creeping chill...? Antidote below.

See this coat?  Imagine the sleeves a little longer and at their hem, a curved cuff.  You can flip the cuff up, or down, at whim.  (Up, at the Opera, with a box of chocs tucked under you arm, ready for the third act and your own sweet encore with that tenor.  Down, St Petersburg in the troika, sleigh bells jingling, hanky-panky under the bearskin knee rug.)  So versatile.  Incorporate the gesture into your come-hither repertoire: a glance, a little cuff flip, a little moue of the lip.  And add pockets, deep plungey ones.  Plunge, look smoulderingly enticing yet low-maintainence and independent.  Carry your own snooker-cue chalk in them, see?  The collar still frames the face, the sleeves are still copied from a 1960's couture pattern, the binding is still from Japan, the cosy elegance enhanced even, by these subtle but gracious and thoughtful additions.  All yours at Scotties Auckland and Wellington, and Perugia in Melbourne.  Delivered this week.  Let me know if they run out.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fresh Delivery!

Ah, the indispensible!  Just arrived at NG Boutique in Christchurch and Scotties in Auckland.  The Gold Skirt, perfect for now and also for then.  Do you know I can cut you one all of your very own but slightly longer?  All you have to do is ask.