Monday, April 26, 2010

Gimlet anyone?

The Black dress in the middle? The Gimlet dress.  Like the cocktail: a classic, but incisive, tasteful and emboldening.  Try it and see.  All those compliments will be very nourishing.  At Scotties in Auckland and Wellington and in Christchurch at NG Boutique.

No greater compliment

I don't think a greater compliment exists 
than to have an fashion editor famed for her acuity and taste 
wear a Still Life dress for her Editor's Letter portrait.  
I feel very honoured.
I'm going to pour a little glass of sherry
and offer a toast of gratitute.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Shall we have some more? We think yes, darlings, very much so.  Some fresh new Anais Tops are hanging on my rack, ready to ship out to your favorite Still Life haunts. Do you know it takes me an hour to stitch the snaps on?  Such dedication.  Think of me when you get your maid (or man) to snap you in, because I'm thinking of you: your elegance is my obsession.  Perhaps I should get out more?